Eight days until April Fool’s Day

Disneys Monorail from very unique angle
To get this angle takes special awareness.


One of the most difficult challenges we will ever undertake is the opportunity to live life so that if anyone ever said anything bad about us, no one would believe it.

Apple has been the most admired company in the world for seven straight years.

This is the DNA of the overachiever.

And the game changer.

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  1. Just finished reading the book Reconstructing Amelia by K McCreight. About a teen girl and how easy it was for a group of girls to spread rumors etc… And influence how others perceived Amelia. Interesting, that a life goal is to live so when rumors emerge no one believes them. We need to teach this skill to teens especially.

  2. Patty, that you would remember that mantra is encouraging.

    Ripple effects.

    Good and decent ones.

    Enjoy the ride of your life.

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