Five biggest challenges professional speakers face

This list seems so small, most speakers fall into a rut… and never notice…

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Five biggest challenges professional speakers face:

  1. Being real
  2. Being original
  3. Being smart
  4. Being fun(ny)
  5. Never giving the same speech twice

Insight: Giving the same speech over and over only delivers on #4 (funny, but not fun).

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  1. Unfortunately I was at an all day Justice Convocation that missed on more than one of these points. Long long day with a captive audience of ninth graders. Painful to watch and chaperon.

  2. Sorry Patty, not until one declares themselves an artist, will we be able to mitigate poor classroom experiences, which of course lend to poorer learning.

    PS. The good news, everyone is an artist.
    PSS. The bad news, not everyone believes this.

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