From #GTEM to #GTEI

College lecture hall
Two days ago there was a chance to see today’s TEDx Talk practice venue.

Today’s TEDx Talk will flow like this:


Q. How many Books/articles? (4.7b)

Q. What are they saying? Meet. meet/exceed, exceed

When you exceed you create the “wow-factor”

To exceed (create the wow-factor) we should: Go The Extra _____!

Define Extra Mile: time/place (double lodge/20 yrs)

When recovering and when planning big, but when else?

What about when it’s not obvious to GTEM, day-to-day?

Stand up if you’ve never been asked to share why GTEM is flawed.

Pair, share one reason why GTEM is flawed.

Sit if your answer revolves around: time, $, resources, energy, new standard.

Harsh reality: 3 meals – satisfaction is dangerous. (Say it w/me)

Review: Exceeds = GTEM

  1. Flawed because of 5 reasons
  2. Satisfaction is dangerous

There’s more but this is as far as i got this morning at the hotel before heading over to the lecture hall.

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