Here’s the biggest experiment in all the trips taken over the past 14 years

Teddy Bear on Hawaiian black sand beach
Toting a teddy bear around the world is a bit freakish if your 54 years old


Marine Biologists and teddy bear helping Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle
Freakish is as freakish does – all in the name of love


Here’s the biggest experiment in all the trips taken over the past 14 years. Feeling self-conscious doing it because it’s so uncommon.

After teaching all day, returning to the hotel, you set out for dinner – maybe 5:30-6:00pm.

The equivalent to eating at midnight back home in Orlando.

For over a decade, have refused to eat anything, even ice cream, after 9pm .

So “dinner” will be the final meal of the day – between 12 noon and 2pm here in Hawaii (12 days of this).

The downside is the person experimenting looks anti-social, freakish.

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  1. Donna. Thank you so much for asking. I don’t recall. And can’t wait to see tomorrow’s post to understand how it went.

    Life is full of waiting.

    First it was learning to walk.

    Then comprehending the seasonality of nature, as a young child and eventually a camper.

    Then young love as a teen.

    Then ambition as a tax payer.

    And on and on.

    To today ( actually yesterday) to becoming the parent of a teen.

    All good things take time. Lots of time.

    Daily blogging is embedded with struggle and optimism.

    Have begun the long journey to appreciate the value of this moment. A moment exactly like this will never come again.

    Thank you Donna, for such a simple question.

    As sweat pours from the skin, body temp lowering back to normal, gratitude for the longest post-surgery run, and typing this message from a trusty phone/camera/computer, a family of Sand Hill Cranes squaking in the yard, and heading to Disney Institute soon to be surrounded for the day with some of the smartest, caring people I’ve ever known… feeling like the richest man in Babylon with each precious breath.

    Peace and blessings immeasurable Donna. 🙂

  2. Jeff, I to am on a similar journey. For me, being grateful is what brings me closest to appreciating Life and all its splendor.

    So on your next run, take a moment to stop and literally smell that rose.

    Blessings in return

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