How did you used to do it?

Montreal Convention Center
First AV check


Montreal Convention Center
Second AV check


Disney Customer Service Speaker
600 people staring at you expecting you to be smart and funny.


Disney Customer Service Keynote Speaker
Keeping it simple is extraordinarily taxing because simple is easily dismissed as not valid.


First keynote speaking engagement outside of Florida since retiring from 30 incredible years at Disney. Which, by the way, has always been the plan – to be able to leave my driveway (to speak) and return to it the same day, without hopping on a plane.

Don’t know how i used to do it week after week.

Fly all day. AV check. Dinner. Review presentation (again). Sleep.

Wake. Breakfast. Review presentation. First one in the room for another AV check. Facilitate transformational content all day. Last one to leave the room. Dinner. Check email and do admin stuff. Bed.

Often, the above step is repeated several days in a row.

Wake. Maybe a run. Taxi to airport. Fly all day. Maybe home by dinner time. Maybe not.

Not home in time for dinner last night, Friday the 13th.




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By jeff noel

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