How patient and how often?

Disney Keynote Speakers
Selfie-time, 8:03am.


conference questions
Breakout sessions thought starters created by the conference sponsor.


Westin Vail hottub
Spent an hour up to my shoulders in hot water. Glorious.


Always learning.


Knowledge isn’t skill. Fat isn’t muscle.


Vail, CO
Who knew?


Westin fireplace
Only one enjoying the fire at 4:50am.


Disney Keynote Speakers
Westin, Vail lobby 4:50AM yesterday.


Five hours hurts, but it could be worse.


Vail, CO
Cool stuff.


Disney Keynote Speakers
Really thought yesterday would be a typical and uneventful travel day back to Walt Disney World.


Disney Keynote Speakers
New record. Cool, i guess.


Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park at 7:45am yesterday.


Rocky Mountain National Park
Zooming in.


Rocky Mountain National Park
Bigger zoom. Thanks iPhone.


Colorado plains
The Plains begin as soon as the mountains end.


High School speaker
Arrived two minutes late at 7:02PM last night.


How patient and how often?

Long and draining travel days set you up for an unplanned final exam.

Patience is pass-fail.

Anything less than being patient is not patient (fail).


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