Literally every CEO is too busy to worry about their culture

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(photo: Most people don’t realize how difficult it is to speak on camera until they are asked to. Same with creating a world class culture. And no one actually asks you to because they assume you are already working on your culture.)

Most executives are stuck. And you might be one of them.

This is long so if you’re not a meeting planner or executive looking for a breakthrough keynote speaker, save your time and move on. And just to be clear about breakthrough, the platform and messages have been honed from 30 years at Disney.


With your leaders? Your employees? With customer satisfaction? With profits? With your ability to continuously improve, at everything?

Are you serious about world class business excellence?

What if you could partner with a leader who is hellbent on helping you and your organization put a dent in your Universe?

For starters, to help you…

Live like you mean it.
Lead like you mean it.
Serve like you mean it.

To challenge you to choose between a life of seeing profit as the goal or seeing profit as the reward.

Remarkable keynote speakers, the ones that challenge everything and compel you to rethink the five keys to competitive immunity, well, yeah, we need more of them.

A new one just entered the marketplace….

The perfect keynote compels people to be brave enough to burn their ships..

If not now, when? If not ever, why?

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