Lots of eyes on professional speakers, and copious opportunity for feedback

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Lots of eyes on professional speakers, and copious opportunity for feedback


It’s remarkable how much we crave (and probably expect) feedback from others, especially those we work with.

If we did an inventory of how often we initiate and share the same with those we expect it from, who’s leading the way?

Us, or others?

Better be us, no?

It’s lonely isn’t it?

Do it anyway.

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  1. We shouldn’t let the fear of saying something wrong stop of us from saying the first word.

    A simple “hi” can go a long way at melting an iceberg.

  2. David, the context in this post is the workplace where everyone knows each other well.

    Have observed a very human tendency to crave feedback, yet a rarity in that group to lavish it on others.

    The old saying: ‘If you want a friend, be a friend’. If you want feedback, give feedback.

    Here’s the rub. Because giving is so rare, it remains rare, even if you (the giver) lavish it.

    And lavish is a relative term. Let’s say a ratio of 10-20 compliments given for each one received.

    Make different sense now?

  3. Some people want to give feedback (which is the shortest word in the English language that uses the letters a-f) and all it takes to initiate the conversation is a simple hi. But they may be afraid of speaking. Yes, there are some of us who thrive on feedback but may not offer it as freely as we wish to receive it.

    Give more or ask for more in return? We can control the giving so give freely.

  4. Then there’s always the blind spot (self, duly noted) of getting critical feedback and becoming defensive.

    Who wants to go through that as the feedback giver? Better to keep the feedback quiet, no?

    Maybe we get what we deserve.

    It’s youth be ing an adult.

    And that word thing factoid. Wow. How’d you know that?

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