People need to know as much as possible, but

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Less than 48 hours ago, i had the privilege and honor of being asked to fill in due to extenuating circumstances.


In marketing yourself  your business, people need to know as much as possible, but you have only a few more characters than a Twitter update…

Jeff Noel is a chip off the old block. He exudes Walt Disney’s essence of dreaming, creating, and inspiring. He’s honed his platform from 30 years on the inside of one of the world’s most admired companies, working with everyone from the chief of staff to the cleaning staff.


After spending a lifetime at Disney, Jeff Noel retired in 2014 to give speeches and do business advising for organizations that want to change the world. While at Disney Institute, Jeff worked with many of the world’s most admired brands to help them change the things they thought they could not change.




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  1. Jeff – what an honor to get to fill in for Lee Cockerell. I pray that serves as a great stepping stone to open many more doors for you!


  2. Bob, it was an honor to be recommended by Lee, and an honor to be trusted by the client.

    If you could place yourself in either Lee’s or the Client’s shoes with only two weeks to go until the major conference with 600 attendees, you realize what a blessing it is to have someone you can trust to cover for you.

    How do i now this? Because i called someone to ask them if they could hold the date should something unexpected happen to me or my travel plans. It was wonderfully comforting to have a plan B.

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