Perhaps The Most Difficult

Do You Think His Life Is Easy?
Do You Think His Life Is Easy?

Rule number one – Life Is Hard!

And perhaps the most difficult thing is to not give up. To not succumb to the pressure, the pain, the doubt, the fear, the sacrifice, the unknown.

Have you ever felt like this?  Do you feel like it now?  If you do, great!  If you don’t, perhaps you should be concerned. Concerned that you’ve slowly but surely lost the fire in your belly to do something great.

As Randy Pausch challenged the world in his book, The Last Lecture, to revisit our childhood dreams before it’s too late, I’m picking up where were he left off, when he died nearly two years ago (July 25, 2009).

Once you accept difficulty, your life opens up to enormous possibility.

By jeff noel

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  1. Life is hard and is about to get harder. The layoff bug is about to hit us. Thanks to funding shortages, my wife’s 18 year teaching job is being eliminated. I am looking forward to the challenge it will bring.

  2. Wow, David, you use very positive language – “looking forward to the challenge ahead”. Perhaps that in and of itself will present a blessed opportunity that only a layoff could reveal.

  3. By not allowing ourselves to wallow in pity or depression we are reinforcing our faith. I don’t see how it can strengthen our faith if we do it the other way. I would only undermine it. And it is our faith that will be what gets us through this unknown. Funny thing, we’ll be at WDW in June around the time we should hear something positive. Talk about making dreams come true!

  4. Talk about timing. What brings you to my hometown? How long? Where? June is a crazy month and part of the month I’ll be away. However, I’d love to catch up with you somewhere. Main Street? 🙂

  5. Vacation for part of the time. Work related for the back half. Experience seeking all the time.

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