Quickest way to get noticed at work is to leave

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There is truth in the notion that you can’t be a prophet in your hometown.

It is often quicker to leave your organization, work elsewhere in a higher capacity (relative to your organization), and return to your original organization with a promotion that may never have happened otherwise.

It seems if someone else sees something in you that your original organization missed, now your original company is magically able to see it too.

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  1. Donna, are you asking what is behind this post?

    If you are, it’s the notion that many ambitious folks want to get promoted, but don’t.

    Some get impatient (or more ambitious) and leave.

    This phenomenon (leaving) statistically improves their odds of returning (if they ever desire it) at a higher level.

    The common denominator, it seems, is having guts to take risks to grow and develop.

    And to see the world from a different (outside) perspective.

    Leaving is not the only way to climb by the way. In fact most leaders never leave.

    Does that answer it for ya?

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