Self employed sounded so lame

Dentist office coffee table magazine selection


(photo: As a species, we are slothful, and ridiculously easy to sell false hope to)

Less than 24 hours ago the substitute dental hygienist (filling in) asked, “What do you?”

Only the second day into retirement no one had asked this question yet so there was no thought about an elevator speech.

So it sounded like this, “Self-employed.”


Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.
– Peter Drucker

Add another to-do to the checklist – craft compelling elevator pitch.

And check one off – make a courageous decision.

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  1. PS. Things are happening that are really highlighting the reality of being out on your own and highlighting the opportunity, the responsibility, and the absolute necessity to start .thinking .differently

    For example, comprehending the reality that every decision is yours and you get to set the parameters. You are building this from the ground up and nothing is impossible, and everything is possible.

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