So We Live To See Another Day, Then What?

Hey, please stay with me here…

As we grow older, the instinct to mate and reproduce impacts our lives. If survival is our task, reproduction is every living thing’s purpose.

After our task & purpose, in a civilized world without saber-toothed tigers, we decide where we want to go. This is the game changer between mediocrity and peace.

All of this has to do with leadership. I’m asking you to think deeply on this and discern the difference between managing and leading. Start with yourself. How well do you lead yourself?

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By jeff noel

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  1. As a domestic strategist (not a business person), I see management as getting the job done adequately but with little personal involvement or even personal growth, strategically moving the checkers across the board. But leading is the path to excellence, especially servant leadership where setting the example and helping the weaker players along in the journey is the whole point.

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