TEDx Talk in Kuwait

Disney TEDx Speaker
On average, overnight success takes about a decade.

TEDx Talk in Kuwait is being proposed for late April by my agent, Thinking Heads.

Here are some notes for the proposal:


  • 12-16 minute speech
  • Clear, concise, and compelling idea
  • Universal application
  • Easy and immediate implementation
  • Inspiring


  • Personal and professional vibrancy is overwhelming because our goal is incorrect and going the extra mile to reach the goal is a flawed proposition

World Challenge:

  • To simplify and scale exceptional service for everyone we encounter, every day

World Solution:

  • Unveil the blinding flash of the obvious that aiming for satisfaction is dangerous
  • Revealing the paradox of going the extra mile by illustrating going the extra inch


  • Issue a 72-hour challenge for the audience to implement the ridiculously easy solution of going the extra inch and to teach it to others

Ultimate outcome:

  • Make our world an exponentially happier and more vibrant place not only for the recipient but also for the giver

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