The best speech of 2012?

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Greater than our fear of death is our fear of public speaking. As a professional speaker for 14 years, it’s astonishing to think I’ve spoken to 1,000,000 people, give or take.

Now think about what you do. And about what you fear. Who’s the best at doing what you do? And have you mastered your fear?

Hone your craft, your art, (your fear), by paying attention to accolades others receive. Bill Whittle’s speech was called… The best speech of 2012?

PS. Please try to look past the political content and evaluate Bill’s speech only for his art of public speaking.

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  1. Jeff – thank you for sharing! From one professional speaker to another, it was a great reminder of several things. But the one that drove things home for me was the multi-level concept of believability. Not only was he speaking on being believable, but he, himself, was believable in “owning the story.”

  2. Bob, loved his passion for his topic. It’s challenging to forget about the political nature of the speech, but if we did, wouldn’t we be unbelievably captivated by his sheer belief in his message?

    A standard for every professional speaker to aspire to.

  3. Jeff,

    It is a lofty standard, but it separates the difference between a quality speaker and storyteller from merely a lecturer. Anyone can read a slide, but can you make the slide tell a story and come to life? That definitely distinguishes the “foregetables” from the “unforgetables.”


  4. Well, in the nature of my work, the slides are necessary when there are a lot of data to present. But I know when I teach my students in Managerial Communications, I am like what you said – the fewer the better. If everything I have to say is on the slides, then you don’t need me. You can read just as well as I can. The slides should only be a limited skeleton, but the meat of the story is there for you to fill in! And don’t gasp too loudly – I am there with you.

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