The paradox of becoming more efficient versus becoming more brave

Lee Cockerell presenting jeff noel with the first copy of The Customer Rules
The most influential business mentor ever, Lee Cockerell (photo: Michelle Sindy)


The thing about becoming more productive and more efficient, and talking and sharing tips and tricks is this:

In our battle for efficiency and speed, we hide from becoming more brave.

Who gives a rat’s behind if our mediocrity and conformity is slick and polished?

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  1. The word pride comes to mind….

    A feeling of pleasure from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is associated, or from qualities or possessions widely admired

    I can only imagine what that night was like. A magical lifetime memory for sure.

    Sincere congratulations!!!!

  2. Donna, the celebration banquet was last week. The photo is from February 18.

    The post was written shortly after the actual announcement.

    The memory, the honor, will last forever.

    Thank you.

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