The thesis statement for how to transform your work

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The thesis statement for how to transform your work.

Over-focus on the same things you used to under-focus on or ignore.


If you work for someone else, you will never be compensated for what you are worth.

Wait, sorry, correction – you are paid what you’re worth – a corporation has an obligation to control costs.

Labor costs are managed by having yearly caps for salary increases.

So your 2-3% increase is all you’re worth in the corporate machine.

Suggestion: start your own enterprise and you will find out quickly (give it at least three years) how much you are worth.

PS. The only way to be successful in a sea of people trying to do exactly what you are trying to do – starting a business – is to be different than everyone else.

You can try to be the best in the world (unlikely) or you can try to be different.

There are a million ways to stand out – you simply have to invent yours.

Over-focusing is the only way this is possible.


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