There are real life Disney Legends among us

Marty Sklar and jeff noel, Disney Legends
Disney Legend Marty Sklar and jeff noel many years ago.


Can we turn a work assignment into a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

Maybe a decade ago was asked to be Marty’s “handler” for two days while he was at Walt Disney World to deliver a keynote speech.

It was a transformational experience because of the unanticipated quality time together.

In 30+ years at Disney, never asked for a single autograph. The photo above is no exception.

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  1. That is very cool. Did you read his newest book? I was in WDW and he was doing a book signing but by the time I got there they had closed the line.

  2. Donna, thought you’d like this post. 🙂

    Haven’t read his book(s).

    Am coming to realize that what i take for granted – meaning not a big deal because you’re inside – growing up and maturing during a lifetime in the Disney culture is that the day-to-day routine is, well, remarkably privileged.

    What Marty, and countless others, shared with me is the trusted insider stuff. I could write a book(s). 🙂

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