Three thrilled clients and a list of other things

Disney Rest Room
Disney Epcot Restroom. My client didn’t know why mirrors aren’t placed above sinks.


Epcot Disney Rest Room
Moving the mirror (center wall next to exit) away from the sink helps Guest traffic flow better.


Three thrilled clients and a list of other things.

Looking back, yesterday was super productive (as are all days). Of course, the usual two hours of writing, reading, praying, and thinking before sunrise. Then a walking meeting with a potential client at 7:20am – around Epcot.

Then home for three client calls. One with a potential marketing partner, another with an existing client to review progress, and then a call with a potential 2016 client.

In between, daily admin stuff, and review of Thursday’s speech for the umpteenth time. Like an Olympic athlete visualizing their event.




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