Time flies, no?


Time flies, no?

It’s been 15 years since first speaking here. And 30 years total at WDW.

The point is, Disney Institute, while a great idea at inception in 1996 has morphed into something not remotely part of the original vision.

Remarkably different.

This is a metaphor for our life.

Let that flexibility, challenge, and growth inspire you to reach ridiculously high.

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  1. Thanks for this video. I remember when these learning opportunities existed, my children were young, money and time were tight for each vacation, but always thought that it would have been so fun. Yes, it sure has changed and that is what I love about Disney, their ability to adapt.

  2. I also remember those opportunities when I took my young family to Disney – always seemed like the time at the parks took first priority. I think one take away is that Disney doesn’t wait until they see a sign that something is working, they are proactive by listening to cast members, surveying their guests in order to make a course change while there is still wind to the sails. Reminds me of Kodak, I often wonder if they saw the end of film coming early enough to make a course adjustment. Reminds me of a post for Lee Cockerell’s blog from 2011 entitled: “Don’t let what you know limit what you imagine” https://blog.leecockerell.com/?p=1128

  3. Donna, it was cool to be a part of it before it became live for our Guests. Long story. Cool stories. Another time, another place.

    So glad it created positive memories for you.

  4. David, DI (the original version) could never compete (try as it might) with the theme parks. Never.

    It was a concept that may have been 20 years too soon. Hard to say.

    Easy to speculate in hindsight.

    It was one of the coolest things I ever got to be a part of from the creation end of it – helping to dream how to operationally make it work from a Resort front office perspective.

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