Today I plan to do a speech in a way I have never done before

First Baptist Orlando seats 5,500
A big audience is a big responsibility, so is a small one.


Today I plan to do a speech in a way I have never done before. Just like last time. And the time before that.

Art is not always the best of the best. Art can be doing something in a way no one else does, or with a bandwidth no one else does, or both.

This is the same for all of us, speaker or no speaker.

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  1. Jeff, always love your questions. Being a musician, I believe that the notes on the page are the artistic creation and performing those notes are a totally separate art. Just like a speech, the words on the page are one aspect of the creation of the art, but the delivery of the speech is a different art. I can certainly understand how no two pianists may play a Chopin Waltz the same way. Same way no two people may deliver the same speech the same way, even those the words are the same. Looking forward to getting your new book in the mail.

  2. David, thanks for your comment. May i clarify? The point wasn’t that two different people would play the same song differently. What I’m saying is art, is that one musician never plays the same song exactly the same way twice.

    One person, one song, never placed the same way twice. Even if they play the song 200 times. That to me, is a form of art.

    And the way they play is always exhilarating for their audience. In fact, their audience, if they get to hear the musician more than once, even becomes more excited because they know the musician will be play it differently than the last time.

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