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Walt Disney napkin sketch
Here’s to the crazy ones!
wall display narrative
First photo is the one referred to as “Top left”.

Building on yesterday’s top 10 “preach only what you practice” list:

  1. Published book
  2. Delivered TED Talk
  3. Published 100-episode podcast
  4. Write five daily, differently-themed blogs
  5. Published 24k+ blog posts (and counting)
  6. Senior Olympian, Track M50-54 400m
  7. Writing 7-book Disney Business Insights series
  8. Disney Institute’s highest rated, most requested speaker
  9. Share 66 combined Disney Years of Service with Cheryl
  10. Married 39 years
  11. Since 1999, start every day on my knees

Note: Working on writing like a Marketing and PR leader. The deep desire to remain humble battles with publicly touting accomplishments. Potential clients want to know they are getting the best their money can buy. You better be impressive or they’ll hear a better Marketer’s message and forget about you forever.

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