Want to surprise your boss?

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What are our top three leadership values?


Want to freak out surprise your boss?

Ask her:

What are your top three leadership values?

Good idea to only ask questions we have answers for, right? If asked (in priority order):

  1. Trust
  2. Respect
  3. Develop

Most of us are so busy going through the motions we fail to have nailed the basics.

Basics like having prioritized values that everyone can remember, and that mean something to everyone.

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  1. Jeff, I love my job. I love working with our office team, we are a well oiled machine. But my boss is in search of a right hand man. Someone to run the office when he can’t. I would love to be that person. I’ve even asked him about it. But he feels where I am is a great fit. And I agree, I do well there, but… I would love the challenge to do more. It would be nice to exceed his expectations. He already knows he has my loyalty, trust and desire to grow within the business model.

  2. Patty, remember who you are (Lion King reference – Rafiki speaking to Simba).

    Find creative ways to demonstrate it without the actual permission.

    Surprise him in small, seemingly insignificant ways.

    But only if you are driven to do this.

    You may already have everything you need and want.

    So if you want more than that, be clear on ‘why’ and be clear on what you’re willing to do to get it.

    Hope this didn’t sound like advice, because you weren’t asking. Please consider it a thought stream, an open, creative, flexible dialogue. Okay?

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