Watching an engaging, dynamic, commanding speaker is awesome

Cramped seating on airplane
And my legs are far from being long – still cramped


Watching an engaging, dynamic, commanding speaker is awesome.

An executive shared she recently attended one of the best Universities in the world for an executive conference.

The art of exciting, inspiring, and motivating a tough (seasoned, with very high expectations) audience is indeed rare, hence valuable.

Like rare art, worth every penny you pay for it – assuming you can find the authentic piece.

She had not.

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  1. Jeff,

    I think a lot of people walk away from what ought to be exciting, inspiring, and motivating with the notion of, “What just happened?” It is a rare thing to find that authenticity.

    Great presentations, I agree, should have some level of preparation to it. But if the presentation is so rehearsed that it could be presented by anyone who practices it, then it loses the authentic, personal touch. That’s what we call at my company a “canned package.” And no, they are not motivational or inspirational by themselves. Throwing yourself into them – that has a chance to become motivational or inspirational.


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