We know these three things but rarely do the most important one


So yeah, I’m pretty high strung about excellence. For many, the idea of never being satisfied is unimaginable. Traditionally we learn to be satisfied, learn to compromise, and learn to keep the bar low – because it is simply easier.

So for the past 30 years have worked in a culture that knows only one standard, continuously improve. Never rest on your laurels or past accomplishments. The video is a quick way to have it make more sense.

If your goal is not impossible, you are not reaching high enough.

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  1. I just sent this to my son…Disney never gets stale. And yes, Disney does set the standard for doing things right and top-notch. It is a great model for leadership. 🙂

  2. Jeff,

    I so agree. Just a moment of bragging on my wife, I came down to go to work this morning and there was a simple note from her, letting me know she fixed me a lunch today and that she and the boys are praying for me today. Putting notes like that for me to find doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it surprises me and lifts my heart. The little details – definitely keeps things from growing stale!


  3. I used to work for a very large healthcare system in the northeast that also devoted resources to innovation in the care of patients and their safety. I think their vision speaks well of how Disney is innovative as well – quoting from their site: “Think Differently. In order to do differently, we have to think differently; and in order to think differently, we have to see and understand differently. By using example, analogy, image, metaphor and story, we can see through a new lens, reframe ideas, apply tools of complex systems science, and utilize intersectional and lateral thinking to find solutions to problems that have previously proven extremely difficult to solve.” This could be a page out of a book from the Disney Institute

  4. David, love the message you’ve just shared. To think differently isn’t rocket science.

    To take risks where failure is almost certain, well, that almost feels like rocket science.

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