What is a leader’s daily responsibility?

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To whom are you loyal and why?


To whom are you loyal and why?

Many organizations lose good employees, not because the company is questionable, but because a particular leader is.

Leadership is the silver bullet.

Similar to parenting.

A daily obligation to make people feel something.

Inspiration is the main job of leadership.

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  1. I was recently given new responsibility for a department in our company. I always believe that if you want to be a great leader, you want to start before day 1, not after that because people will question the shift in behavior. In a previous role in which I led a cultural transformation (in working with the DI), the common purpose was to ensure that everyone feels special. It’s not rocket science, just common sense and often over looked because of simplicity. So what was my first task in my new department? Learn everyone’s first name and greet them that way. Name tags are great reminders and they don’t need to know you look at them. The feedback from the new staff? “He called me by name, he remembered me, remembered my name” It’s not hard to make others feel special, it just takes INTENTIONAL tactics.

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