When professionally overwhelmed, do these five things…

Think cleaning summer camp toilets is hard, try doing it without legs, or with cancer, or without eyesight, or…

cleaning camp toilets

When professionally overwhelmed, do these five things:

  • remember the definition of insanity
  • embrace paradox
  • recall courageous moments you’ve experienced
  • recall courageous stories you’ve heard or witnessed
  • learn to banish devilish temptation to not reach impossibly high

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  1. Tonight I’ll meet up with a new group of 9th graders, 10 young men and 2 young women, to teach religious Ed. First time sharing with these youth. Some of them the tougher to reach. Feeling a bit nervous, (overwhelmed) despite it being the same material I taught last night. Different youth make the same material a different ball game. Thanks for this post.

  2. Patty, be the change.

    Have fun.

    Aim for amazing. (you know, that they are disappointed it ended and that they can’t wait to come back next week)

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