The linchpin manifesto from Seth Godin

Seth Godin's Linchpin manifesto


(photo: The linchpin manifesto from Seth Godin)

Are you indispensable?

Maybe not to your boss at work.

But what about to the CEO of You, Inc?

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  1. This is interesting, because my goal is currently to do the opposite.
    However, currently, I was hired specifically because of my knowledge and the value I add to the position. But, my goal is to put the proper processes and tools in place, so that it’s no longer me who is needed. In short, I want to leave my position in a better place than when I took it on.

  2. Craig, have you read Linchpin? It’s brilliant, imho. Linchpin and indispensable are interchangeable.

    We generally believe everyone is replaceable.

    But what if our art (work) was something no one else is doing? And it was valuable to the world. A person like that cannot be replaced.

    Enjoying the Map My Run updates each morning. Keep moving forward. 🙂

    PS. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  3. Have not read Linchpin yet. Of Seth’s books, I’ve only read Poke The Box.

    I guess the way I’d like to look at what in doing is not that I’m rendering myself less usable, but that I can make things better than when I got them.

    On the Map My Run stuff, I’m going for the transformational route. Up at 5am again, this morning. This’ll be going on for 2+ weeks now. This is truly a first in my life!

  4. Craig, good morning. It’s up to each of us to find and travel our path. And to stay on the path in spite of the obstacles. And to abandon the path if we discover we’re lost. And to embrace being lost because it will lead us to the next great adventure.

    Enjoy your “honeymoon phase”. Things will start tempting you – it’s part of everyone’s journey.

    Find a million reasons to not quit.

    Be amazed and be amazing.

    PS. Rearranging your sleep cycle is huge. Transformational. You are getting a personal victory in before the sun rises. This will change you.

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