So What?

Disney Dream Photos – Set 4 of 5

Whatever you do, be the very best you can be…

Do it differently & better than your competitors…

Know that some key customers won’t be old enough to pay you…

Tell a great “story”, with as many details as possible…

Involve your Family in what you do…

Are you consciously teaching the young people in your life about business? is about Money. More specifically, it’s about your career and your contribution to society. For example:

In a Restaurant, you can work the fryer and when your shift is over, go home. If you manage the Restaurant, you stay until the problem is solved. If you own the franchise, you could get sued and lose everything. More isn’t necessarily better.

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Jeff, the pictures of your family are heart warming. Great smiles everywhere. Did you know there was a cruise ship behind you in most of them?


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