How long does it take to rebound from severe shock at work?

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Old people are expected to die, 17-year olds are not


How long does it take to rebound from severe shock at work?

Things happen that shock the heck out of us.

Blind sided.


Recovery within minutes sometimes. Or maybe a day or two.

Sometimes longer.

Yeah, definitely longer.

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  1. Sometimes a lifetime. Something we recall if not daily then weekly or monthly. Maybe it even profoundly changes our lives or our outlook.

  2. Patty, greetings from Jacksonville, FL. We are celebrating life here and the milestone of High School graduation.

    Was reading the yearbook comments under the senior pictures – the student gets a Twitter amount of space to say a parting thought.

    Sme profoundly wise, some funny, some left no comment.

    They all have one thing most Boomers no longer have, youth.

    And a sense of hopeful possibility that hasn’t been relentlessly attacked by the real world yet.

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