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Windermere 2015 5k photos
Local artists create the t-shirt design – also used for big awards.


Windermere 2015 5k photos
Top three 2015 Windermere 5k finishers. The guy in glasses is Windermere’s Mayor.


Left to right, first place, Mayor Gary, second, and third.

First and second were one second apart.

The third place finisher, Andrew, got beat last year by this year’s 50-59 winner.

After 1,100 seconds, imagine losing the coveted, overall winner spot by only one.

And then imagine an extraordinary, nearly three minute improvement from your time the previous year – that’s what Andrew accomplished.

Or take the 55-year old, running a time faster than he had set as a goal, and faster than when he was 10 years younger.

Leadership covets results.

It’s not the Magic that makes it work, it’s the work that makes it Magic.

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