In Case It Wasn’t Blatantly Obvious Yesterday

It’s a trash can decoration. A trash can!

Did you pick up on yesterday’s message? Come on, seriously, I’m talking about ridiculous attention to details. Details most people don’t care about. And on top of that, details they never comprehend and therefore don’t appreciate.

Insight: People only notice when you don’t pay attention to details. That’s why you do it.

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  1. Most people wouldn’t notice whether it was decorated or not. But once you learn about the attention to detail, it make it all the more fun to observe and smile. Take away all the attention to detail and what would you have?

  2. Happy Easter Donna. I believe if Disney didn’t pay attention to the trash cans, then the feeling is one step closer to an amusement park – where themed trash cans are not normal. And then after trash cans, what would the next short cut be? And then where would it stop? It would probably be riddled with short cuts and blend perfectly with the amusement park stereotype.

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