There’s Almost Always A Message In Each Photo’s Caption

Life's most important messages leave clues and hidden meanings everywhere.

If you’re anything like me (and we’re all the same), you find it challenging to do all the work you’re supposed to do, especially in the continuous improvement department.

Interesting though, continuously improving is the DNA of the company I’ve worked with for 29 years. It’s what I think and do, without thinking. So there’s almost always an important message in the blog photo captions….

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  1. I asked the kids if they could identify the location of this picture. They both responded with Magic Kingdom. I then asked where. Again they were correct with Cinderella Castle. When I asked which side they had to study the picture for a while before they saw enough clues to pick the right land. The info was there for the correct answer. It was disguised in the form of a trash can.

    I can’t “imagine” it being any other way. 🙂

  2. David, thanks for involving your children. What a compliment.
    Anyway, search engines have said time and time again, you can’t keep any secrets…

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