Admirable is the only choice

Wells Fargo quote about customer courtesy
True 150 years ago, true today. Passion for serving.


Tomorrow is Easter.

Listening to Jeremy Camp’s Reckless CD.

Use us Lord.

There is no greater leadership than servant leadership.

We know this.

And some are lucky enough to be crystal clear about their passion.

Being on fire with the commitment to live a life so admirable that if someone said something bad about them, no one would believe it.

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  1. Jeff,

    I am just speaking from experience, especially in recent times, but a lot of time (if you adhere to servant-minded leadership), you don’t realize you are that way. You just do it – it is your nature. The realization comes when you are confronted with self-serving leadership, or worse, self-preservation leadership. The trigger goes off in your mind, and you go, “That doesn’t feel right at all!”


  2. Intuition and gut instinct are gifts to help us survive the daily challenges life puts in front of us. Their batting average is pretty good.

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