Here’s what I’m saying (you should be saying it too)

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can it be that simple?

I’m going to come out and say what most people already understand. The gift of my blogs is that I ask the right questions. Questions that every adult ought to have a ready answer for. If you had an answer for June 8th’s question, bravo. If ya didn’t – you’re welcome…. for the reminder.

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  1. Actually, your title should be “Here’s what I’m doing, and you should be doing it too” :q Yes, still dropping by after all these years. Thank you for your dedication which in turn begins my morning.

  2. Donna, you’re welcome. And thank you for your dedication. Seriously!

    Hey, your title you suggest is interesting because rereading it, it’s quite an accurate echo.

    Maybe the part that deserves an asterisk is this: …..”and you should be doing* it too”.

    * = in your own unique way

  3. Jeff, do you know if there is a way I can get notified (by email?) of the comment thread on your blogs, if I have made a comment? The only way I know if you, David, Craig, Patty, etc have added comments is if I go back and find the original post. Just curious, maybe I am suppose to check a box or something that I have not.

  4. Donna, normally there’s a heck box. Dumb question, but you’re not finding one on these blogs?

    PS. Just left a comment on your more recent post (I subscribe via email), and had the option to check a box.

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