One significant reason why knowing a lot can be bad

river of knowledge
the never ending river of knowledge runs deep and wide

I’ve known John Hill for over a decade. He’s a smart and very funny professional speaker, from whom I’ve learned some important lessons. Leadership, especially in front of an audience is way more important than most speakers comprehend…

The more you know about something, the harder it is to come to terms of a single definition. – John Hill

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  1. Jeff,

    I had a flashback from a few years ago that proves this point. As I was working on my master’s in leadership, I realized that I would be graduating with a degree on a topic that, as I learned more about, I found harder to define. Now, several years later and after having taught classes on leadership, finding a concrete definition of leadership escapes me even more.

    The odd thing that often happens is when people finally think they’ve nailed down a definition for leadership, it then becomes hard to distinguish aspects of the definition with the concept of management. They aren’t the same, but it is so hard sometimes for people to see where one stops and the other picks up.


  2. Bob, it is very difficult to show where management ends and leadership begins. And because of this difficulty, many stop trying. When we stop trying, we lose focus. When we lose focus, well, the story almost aways ends the same.

    Stay focused. Keep moving forward.

    And remember, we are the CEO of ourselves. This requires both management and leadership – from one person only.

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