Brilliant Leadership nuggets in this short Lee Cockerell video


Brilliant Leadership nuggets in this short Lee Cockerell video.

You’re not going to change people after you hire them, so hire the right people.

ARE is the free, inexhaustible leadership fuel… Appreciation, Recognition, Encouragement.

Do people ‘run’ away from you or towards you when they see you coming?

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  1. Jeff,

    I am so on board with hiring the right people instead of changing someone after you hire them. The problem, though, with a lot of companies right now (and I am speaking from direct experience) is that positions aren’t being back-filled, or if they are, you lose the headcount down the line by being forced to promote someone who, under normal circumstances, you would have not chosen to hire. Then you are stuck with circumstances you wouldn’t have wanted, and you know the person isn’t the right candidate for the job. So you end up taking on more work for yourself because you do not have confidence in the person to do the work as you would have wanted.

    I have tried to change a person who reported to me before. I was given the direct report – I didn’t get to choose the right person for the job. That just creates more frustration because of unmet expectations. So now, I am getting ready to be placed in that situation again. I know my workload is about to double, because I am not going to try to change a person who doesn’t fit into one that does. I will end up doing risk mitigation – exposing the person to less so as to minimize the risk of damage in meeting the objectives.

    Lee is right, but the assumption is that the circumstances allow for you to have a choice. Most don’t in this economy.


  2. Bob, please know prayers are being sent for some form of divine intervention or some sort of miracle. The odds are slim but they are not zero. Hope that helps.

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