Subtle and wise career tips from comedian Brian Reagan

Comedian Brian Reagan
Screen shot, not a hyperlink embedded video.


Comedian Brian Reagan
Another screen shot, not a hyperlink embedded video.


This 43-minute video is packed with subtle business insight from comedian Brian Reagan.

He’s spent a lifetime honing his art.

Three tips i gleaned (without intending to):

  1. Decide what you stand for (he decided to be a “clean” comedian).
  2. Make as many mistakes as you can in order to perfect your art (he worked every night at a comedy club – for 2.5 years. Other wanna-be comedians didn’t invest a fraction of this effort.).
  3. Be aware about what stirs your soul and explore it (his college speech teacher laughed at his jokes – as he walked back to his dorm, he felt special in ways he never had before).

This clip i’ve hyper-linked for you (above) serendipitously came across my path on Father’s Day.


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