The genius of Walt Disney Imagineers (video)


The genius of Walt Disney Imagineers is humbly captured in this video.

So many insights.

So discreetly revealed in such an understated way, most will miss the gold.

Quick story: For Fantasia, Walt had theater owners install special effects devices in their (small town) theaters, like a second pair of speakers in the rear so the audience would have “surround sound”. He had them install misters in the ceiling so you could “feel” the movie at the right moments. Red carpet from Main Street (USA) across the sidewalk to their theater’s entrance. Pre-printed show Playbills and ushers in tuxedos so arriving patrons would feel like they were attending a Broadway premier.

The theater owners didn’t do any of it.

They couldn’t grasp the vision and didn’t have the time nor money to go to these extremes for a movie that was passing through.


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