Being busy lets you do this one thing to literal perfection

interesting signs in Philadelphia
Random sign caught my eye.


Being busy lets you do this one thing to literal perfection.

Hide from your mission and purpose in life.

First, you refuse to be clear, concise, and compelling about your purpose.

Second, (insidiously) without clarity, you hide from your real work – the risky stuff that may not work – the stuff that makes others uncomfortable – but if it worked, it would triumphantly change everything.

Because you aren’t clear, you and everyone else, can’t tell what success looks like.



Can’t be a failure, right?

Can’t see the bullseye, so missing it goes unnoticed.


We like safe.

Safety adds insult to injury.

Without clarity, you lose all sense of urgency.

Without urgency, distraction trumps focus.

Without focus and urgency, being busy comforts you.

And exhausts you.

And everyone around you.

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