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Yep, That's Me
Yep, That's Me

“Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.” – Bertrand Russell

Had a social media meeting yesterday. My friend asked what I thought drove blog traffic:

  • Daily, reliable posts
  • Pithy
  • A Platform
  • Marketing, Marketing, Marketing
  • Real life in real time
  • Safe for the little ears
  • Balanced approach (not singular focused)
  • Practice what I preach
  • Slow & steady improvement
  • Dream Impossible Dreams

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  1. I think there is one more important thing. Aggressive “marketing”. You are aggressive in posting on facebook, linkedIn & twitter. (maybe others I am not aware of). I believe you friend as many people as possible on all sites which in turn is leading them to your blog. Once they find your blog, all the other things keep them coming back. Even your tags are part of your marketing.
    In the words of your friend Mike “Just Sayin’ “

  2. Donna, great one. Was probably assuming that under the slow & steady improvement. Marketing is everything, if you have a platform. You could have great marketing, but lack a platform.

    Gonna edit the post right now. Thanks for the “catch”.

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