Leadership is more than business-centered

Bicycling near Magic Kingdom
Rethinking where and how i do routine life chores.


Dermatologist biopsy
Rode bicycle yesterday to dermatologist (photo), gym, dentist, and doctor.


We are creatures of habit.

Some of our “good” habits actually make our life more challenging because of the time we need to invest.

When we move to a new residence, we are likely to drive back to the old neighborhood to do business. What starts as a temporary solution until we get settled in our new place, could become a habit lasting until we die.

In our case we had to drive back to our original services (like Doctor and vet) for 20 years, simply because we moved to a rural area without infrastructure.

The infrastructure has been here for several years and yesterday i committed to the transition of establishing things so i can ride my bicycle about a mile to take care of business.

The biopsy results take one to two weeks.

A leisurely seven-minute bike ride trumps a 30-minue car ride. Multiply that by numerous chores, it insidiously adds up.




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