Monday Commute

Emergency road side assistance ready & waiting…

Monday morning rush hour traffic…

How far is your commute and what do you do during your commute?

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  1. Dear Jeff,

    Mine is not as short as yours and definitely not as “magical” as yours. Atlanta traffic is as such that I have to leave quite early to not have to sit in traffic for an hour and a half. So at the right time, it is 30 minutes. 🙂 Once I get to work, my work involves assisting in the day-to-day operations of rural telephone companies throughout the United States. That involves a lot of customer service, training, and telecom accounting/revenue assurance. My goal is to make the lives better for those working at those telephone companies (in Alabama and Mississippi specifically for me).

    So there you have it! 🙂


  2. Bob, sounds like you have figured out the best way to manage your surroundings. Being creative is a key life success tactic. Finding work that you feel is important is another.

    Have an AWESOME Monday!!!

  3. My commute is but a few miles down our street, with a few turns here and there. On the way, I smile, thinking about all the people I will touch that day. I love my job. I love the fact that I get to embrace lives that perhaps no one has thought about in a hundred years or more. Children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, soldiers, the homeless — all waiting for me to mark them present and accounted for. I happily enter data at a cemetery. (A far cry from the drug designing I was trained to do.)

    Last Friday I entered the data for a family that lost three children in less than two weeks back in 1850. And while doing so, I reached out to them and their parents in prayer.

    What a gift this job is — to me.

  4. My commute is 30 minutes. You can actually get anywhere in Columbus in 30 minutes, which is very convenient, once you’ve accepted the fact.
    We did hope to move closer to this side of town, but it’s looking less and less like that will be a reality any time soon.
    I am probably about to take a job, which is closer to a perfect fit for me, that may be only 20 minutes. But, depending on the weather, it’s still healthy to figure on 30.
    My commute is spent in one of 2 ways, listening to podcasts – either tech updates or Walt Disney World fan discussion – or listening to audiobooks – either social economics stuff (Malcolm Gladwell, Freakonomics kind of stuff), marketing stuff (which plays into the social economics stuff) or The Bible.
    Sometimes I may listen to some music, but I love the enrichment that comes with taking in a book during my drive.
    Next Step: Try to actually lay out an action plan from what I learn…

  5. Craig, sounds like you have a varied routine. Praying that the job you want and need is the job you find in your path, and that the commute is good for you.

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