Subtract at work

closeup of shadows on the ground
When you start seeing nuances no one notices, you grow as an artist. Take the smallest of shadows. Shadows from a blade of grass, for example.
Caution sign at trailhead
Have only seen a sign like this once. Ever. At any trailhead. To me, social media made Oberlin seem like just another hiking trail. For a novice, it is not.
Garmin Mini GPS device
Leadership non-negotiable – be prepared. Bear spray, water, Garmin. Last year, a headlamp and first-aid kit became new non-negotiables.
Mountains and small Pixar toy
The wild continues north from here to the arctic circle.

Subtract at work.

Less is more.

Take only what you need, only what you can carry.

Everything else is non-essential.

Shed what distracts or complicates.

Subtract relationships, projects, promotions, and clients that keep the main things from being the main things.

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By jeff noel

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