The biggest mistake we Boomer entrepreneurs make is this

Store hours sign on shop's front door
Are the hours short on Sunday for the customers or employees?


The siren’s call is to focus on development and marketing – to continuously make those better…

The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make; there is a lack of sales focus. People are afraid of sales and focus on marketing and development instead. There is not enough emphasis on sales because of fear. You have to have an incredibly thick skin. You get rejected all the time.  РRobert Herjavec

Nothing happens until a sale is made.

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  1. I’m cutting a deal on two of my stained glass windows and possibly a new commission. It is frightening. It’s like putting my children on the auction block and asking for the highest bidder. What if they don’t like my work, me? What if I’m not good enough? Will they see the mistakes that are so glaring?

  2. Patty, I so totally get this feeling.

    Have overcome it with blogging.

    Next is publishing.

    The advice we’d give to others is the same we should do ourselves.

    We’re all cheering you on from the bleachers.

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