The two types of leader we never forget

inspiring leaders
an inspiring cultural breeding ground for great leadership


Think about the leaders you’ve interacted with during your life. The leaders you remember are the ones who inspired you, and, the ones who were a complete warning of what not to do (which can also be inspiring).

Be well this week and remain amazed, always.


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  1. Jeff,

    I am there with you on this. When I discuss the concept of influence with my leadership students, I tell them of the story of person who inspired me to want to become a teacher. Who was this person of great stature or ability? That wasn’t the person’s description. It was the burned-out teacher that didn’t care if the class learned or not and who sat behind his desk, reading the paper and yelling at you if he heard anyone talking. That was Algebra I. I ended up making a good bit of money that year tutoring, as I tutored many of his students to get through the class. That’s when I said to myself, “I want to replace that man and do it right!” It wasn’t because he was awe-inspiring. He taught me to expect and desire more of myself than what he was providing.


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