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Workplace Prince & The Pauper

What A Fancy Trash Can
What A Fancy Trash Can
What A Fancy Trash Can

The winds of change.

Scary for some.

Exciting for others.

And for a few, it’s both.

That would be me.

Have wanted an opportunity like the one that’s coming, for a long time.

In roughly a month, one of my dreams will come true.

Meanwhile, I better get going, there’s quite a few things to be organized first.

Disney's Flagship Resort
Disney's Flagship Resort

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8 replies on “Workplace Prince & The Pauper”

lol. No Donna, you won’t have to wait a month.
Life is short. Change is good.
How memorable is October 17?
Can you think of another day in October that is memorable?
Expect more of the story to be told, in real time, so to speak.
I really do wake up and not know what I’m going to say.
Sometimes, I may have a clue, but not usually.
Thank you Donna for being part of this. 🙂

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