Zoom positivity and hope

flowchart next to bookshelf
Used a stick figure to make the simple case for mind, body, spirit. We take mind, body and spirit to work and we bring all three home.

Couple weeks ago accepted Jody Maberry’s invitation to join him and Lee Cockerell in Dan Cockerell’s mastermind group. The event was at noon today. Jody gave 20 minutes which would be followed by Q&A. Dan said to take whatever was needed.

Talked big-picture about balance (personal vibrancy) for 12 mins and opened it up for Q&A.

Key points:

  1. Balance has five categories: mind, body, spirit, work, home
  2. Time is a flawed balance-metric
  3. Discerned that energy, not time, is the supreme metric
  4. Balance and personal vibrancy are interchangeable

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