Your go-to set of attitudes

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Every leader is telling a story about what he or she values, through their behaviors.
Questions for podcast interview
Today’s Catalyst Sale podcast questions from Mike Simmons.

Your go-to set of attitudes is called mindset.

(please assume here an underlying tone of deep encouragement – all your previous victories)

Problem or challenge?

Problem of opportunity?

Mid Life Crisis or Mid Life Celebration?

When we spent our life savings to try to become parents and there was not only no guarantee, the odds 30 years ago (when we started) were unencouragingly low.

At first i was sad our life savings was gone.

Quickly, i became grateful the money had been there to spend.

Moving my 35 year-old desk from the far wall, with my back always to the windows, to across the room against the windows and facing out the East windows – transformational.

Same room. Same Desk.

Different location.

Only took 15 years to discover.

Starting every day on my knees since our son was born.

An after school hug for 15 years. Why?

Quitting drinking after nearly three decades. Why?

Starting a podcast. Why? Help me fail.

World-record blogger.

Senior Olympian.

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