Are The Long Hours Worth It?

Heads Or Tails?
Heads Or Tails?

Age-old question.

What do you think?  What’s your opinion?

“It depends,” is the first thing that comes to mind.  Mostly the long hours are worth it.  If.


Yes, if.

If it drives your ego, your title, your salary, your corner office, your feeling of self-worth – then no.

If it drives your ability to make a difference: to expand your reach, your relevance, your impact – then yes.

The challenge, when you’re insanely busy, is to not confuse the two.

Any one need a quarter?

By jeff noel

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  1. I work to live…I don’t live to work.

    Having said that I don’t have a problem spending long hours if I’m making a difference (like you said above) and often this is the case. But I can’t stand to be in the office for the sake of being in the office which is often the case as well.

    Right now work is helping me achieve some of my goals so I’m staying the course until I reach them and then its off to Virginia Beach.

    Jamie says to say hello to Bobby Weaver.

  2. It’s often called face time. Like any relationship, face time is good.

    In fact, face time builds relationships, which build trust, which builds businesses, careers, etc.

    What is often missing, is the “purpose” of the face time.

    There is no right answer. We must find it ourselves, individually.

    I have purposeful reasons that drive me to work hard. Just like you said. Thanks Skip. Please tell Jamie, “jungle jeff” says hello back. 🙂

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